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Commercial Property Maintenance

Macaronda Dynamic Cleaning Company office cleaning service provides companies within London and the surrounding boroughs with competitively priced and expertly managed cleaning solutions. With over a decade experience we understand that creating a hygienic and clean environment for your employees to work is important for team moral and efficiency. Your office space reflects your company values to all visitors; clients or guests. Our Commercial Property Maintenance service includes:

Cleaning Office & Staff Room Areas: We offer extensive office cleaning services including damp wiping; emptying waste bins; dusting radiators, fire extinguishers and window ledges; dusting and polishing your desks,; spot cleaning finger marks from glass partitions; vacuuming soft furnishings and vacuuming all carpet areas.

Cleaning the School Hall, Gym and Canteen: We vacuum and wash the floors of your school hall, gym and canteen. Additionally, we machine burnish the floors, empty bins as well as damp wipe skirtings and ledges. Cleaning Art Rooms and Science Rooms: We vacuum and mop the hard floors of your art rooms and science rooms, wipe tables and chairs and clean dirty ledges and skirtings.

Music Rooms and Technology Rooms: emptying waste bins; damp wiping and polishing tables; damp wiping ledges, skirting, windows ledges and radiators; spot cleaning dirty walls; dry dusting IT equipment; cleaning overheads in rotation; vacuuming carpets and spot mopping hard floors.